Low Cost Online Quran Classes

Low Cost Online Quran Classes

Now Learn Quran online with your budget,now Quran classes with low monthly fee,Time and days on your choice Just stay in your own home and learn Quran with online tutore. 

We Offer

Basic Qaida Reading
Quran Nazra with Tajweed
Quran Hifz With Tajweed 
Quran Tafseer with its Translation and Details in Urdu
Hadith and its Datails in Urdu  
Memorization of Sura's of the Holy Quran,Dua's Kalima's of Islam etc..
or call me at +1 702 560 9564 for USA,Canada or skype at IQRA.1

One-to-One Quran Lessons

One to One Quran Classes
No matter where you are, Join us and learn Quran online with us.
Well trained and qualified Teachers
Class timings as your choice
No need to travel for Quran learning,stay in your home and learn Quran online
English,Urdu and Arabic both languages are available

Our Mission
To take Muslims out of the darkness of ignorance by imparting Quranic Education and
Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); to help children in memorizing(Hifz) and reading
the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Feel free to contact with us
Principle Iqra Online Institute
Muhammad Sajid Zakria
Phone#: +1 702 560 9564
Email: info@iqraonlineinstitute.com
Web: www.iqraonlineinstitute.com

Online Quran lessons

Iqra online Institue

if you want that your children become a best reciter of the holy quran so you visit our web and join with us.
Feel free to contact
Phone#: 001 702 560 9564
Skype id: iqra.1
Best Regards!
Muhammad Sajid Zakria
Principle iqra online institute